Sydney weather records

These date from mid-1858 when regular record keeping began using information from Sydney Observatory.
You can find them on-line at –

1) Select temp or rainfall, and tick the ‘daily’ button
2) Type in Sydney, click on find
A new drop-down box will appear, select Sydney NSW, and from another drop down box select the ‘Observatory’.
A bar graph will appear giving the available years, and a selection box to the left for the year required.

After selecting 1859, I found that on 29th March, 1859, the day of Randwick’s first Municipal Council elections, which were held in the open air at High Cross reserve, it was a pleasant 23 degrees C. Repeating the process for rainfall, I saw that it was yet another dry day, at the end of a month with very few days of rain.
So now you can check on the weather on the day of all those Sydney marriages in your family tree, or other special events…. and experiment with other locations to find the earliest dates available.
For Weather patterns in NSW generally, a ‘Trove’ search for ‘Rain & Temperature’, or ‘Weather’ & the district name in the decade or year of interest will generally offer numerous hits, especially if unusual conditions were prevailing at the time, such as floods or dust-storms.

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