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This website is for those who are interested in the history of the people, places and early development of Sydney, Australia up to c.1940. While the main focus initially is on the Southern & Eastern suburbs, many other areas are included as they relate to the lives and subjects of our research.

We will be posting articles, maps & pictures, research guides, and searchable databases, which you can access by clicking on the various topic tabs below.

ArticlesA selection of topics of local history interest
Bells of St Jude's Randwick
First Fleet Piano DebateA piano was brought out to Botany Bay on the First Fleet. No one disputes this fact. Many scholars and antiques hunters have looked for it. Has it been found?
Fully Searchable SandsA fully searchable database of Sands Directory for the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney 1858-1865
Lost and FoundLost and Found
Research AidsPractical research guides, useful links and lists, including monuments, early street names, immigrants' lists and more.
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